Video Interviews can be a big factor in online marketing

Interview Videos

Interview videos have long been used by corporations to promote their newest additions, new positions, and to give their current employees a behind the scene look into what the company is all about. It has also become a very popular tool for public speakers to give information about their career highlights. However, videos can take on many forms and are not limited to just interviews. Some companies have even started creating online training videos that are meant to help answer job questions, or highlight processes and benefits of specific positions.

The Marketing Process

Interview videos are a bit different.  When a business owner is interviewed correctly, it can be an effective way to engage your audience in a direct manner. And, they are simple to create. Recording an interview on your home computer can seem very simple – right?  To bad that part isn’t really true.

There is a lot to think about when you need to create a very interactive and interesting video that engages your audience.  That audience is filled with potential new customers if you make the video right.   Great videos can also stand out as an exceptional tool to show your customer testimonials. In this case, a company with an online business might want to consider taking advantage of the power of social media marketing to promote interviews with top industry insiders. If you are not an SEO expert, then a good option might be to hire a company that already has an established online reputation in the field. These companies understand how to use social media platforms effectively to generate positive customer testimonials. They already know the best ways to get top search engine results and build a strong brand reputation. Hiring such a company to create your company’s online presence will make you one step closer to increasing your profits, while also growing your customer base and improving your overall sales performance.

Experience Matters

Some companies might be more reluctant to shoot business video interviews due to their lack of experience. Others might think they are the same as shooting a product infomercial.  The truth is a great business introduction video requires a great script.  Since most business owners aren’t actors, it takes someone with some solid directing skills to help you tell your story.

If you do not have any experience in shooting corporate infomercials, then it is highly recommended that you outsource the task to a company that can give you excellent service, in addition to creating a compelling and informative video. A good videographer understands how to manage the project from start to finish and will make sure you get the highest quality finished product. After all, there is no point in outsourcing your work if you are not going to get a professional result.

Brand Congruence

Brand recognition is essential if you are planning to expand your business.  Some of the best articles and press releases we see have nothing to do with the business that is paying for the release.  Our in house SEO people say that this can lead to a higher bounce rate.  Higher bounce rates lower overall SEO ranking and increase advertising costs.

When you start with the right tools needed to create excellent business videos you have a chance.  You want videos that engage your target audience and keep them interested so they learn about your products and services. For example, if you are selling insurance that is targeting small business owners in Northern Nevada, then it makes sense to shoot blind client interviews that are aimed at engaging the potential prospects in your target market. The interviewer should be playing the part of your prospect.

Do It Right the First Time.

The process of hiring and producing successful CEO interview or team interview videos can be highly complicated. However, a smart strategy can help you get more from your entire online marketing plan. Hiring a company that specializes in creating corporate videos with the latest technology and cutting-edge techniques can help you get the most out of your marketing efforts. When you hire a professional company to create dynamic videos you’ll engage your target audience.  You might also give your sales representatives new tool they need to enhance the overall impact of your brand.

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