Businesses are realising that plastic bags are bad for the environment. Biodegradable paper bags and re-usable tote bags present an opportunities for business after a plastic bag ban.

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, August 12, 2021 / — Plastic Bags Ban Pushes Businesses Towards Printed Paper Bags

Of all the negative things going on at the moment there is one that we can rejoice. The demise of the single use plastic bag. Finally, businesses are realising what has been known for a long time which is that plastic is bad for the environment and plastic bags are amongst the worse. Nobody likes seeing plastic bags hanging from trees and being blown around in the wind. The trend toward re-usable bags is truly a positive phenomenon. The move toward biodegradable paper bags and re-usable tote bags present excellent opportunities for society and businesses alike.

Whilst making the transition from plastic to paper is great in its own right, the other thing to consider is branding opportunities. How great is it to associate your brand with a movement whose aim is to change the world? The move from fossil fuels to renewables is not a fad. It is permanent. By opting to go with a material with eco-credentials you are making a statement which your customers will appreciate. Fortunately, there are a range of products and branding options to suit most companies branding guidelines.

Promote Your Brand in An Eco-friendly Way

In the current economic environment, it is more important than ever to promote your brand. A plastic bag ban changes the opportunity to promote your brand. After a long absence from normal business operation now is the time to get your message out there. To re-engage with your customers after such a long absence. A great way to do that in an eco-friendly way is with custom printed bags. With custom printed bags such as re-usable tote bags and paper bags you are on the right track. The lucky thing is that you have a heap of options when choosing the right bag for you.

Eco Friendly Paper Bags the Way to Go

Printed paper bags are a biodegradable option that looks great too. High end retailers have always used printed paper bags in their stores. They have an elegant look which contributes to the brands image. Now with the proliferation of food delivery services they are being used more than ever. Why not use them in your own store or for conferences and events. There are a lot of different sizes available so you are sure to find one that suits your purposes. You also have laminated and kraft paper bags depending on the look you are after. Printed paper bags are definitely the way to go.

Put Your Brand on A Custom Tote Bag

These days with the quest to reduce plastic waste retailers are also moving towards reusable bags. You will be hard pressed to find a supermarket or retailer that gives away single use plastic bags anymore. The trend now is well and truly towards reusable tote bags. This presents a great opportunity for businesses to promote their brands through custom tote bags. Supermarkets have them for sale at their checkouts. Other businesses give them to their customers which is both convenient and useful by contributing towards the trend against plastic bags. The best thing is that a custom printed tote bag is such an inexpensive way to promote a brand in the first place.

Types Of Custom Tote Bags

While every custom tote bag can be useful, let’s learn about the different materials with their types and uses since plastic is out due to the plastic bag ban.

Non-Woven Bag

Non-woven bags are reusable totes that are known for their durability and eco-friendliness. In some countries, they are called eco-bags. These tote bags can be used for shopping as an alternative to plastics. Although they are not as long-lasting as cloth bags, they are designed to be reused multiple times.
We can find customised tote bags being sold and used by shopping malls, groceries, and markets. Two reasons are because they are cheap and can have customisation options. They are very durable, flexible, and can be wet, which is why they are perfect for shopping bags.

Cotton Bags

Cotton bags are reusable totes that are made of cotton, thus very soft and washable. Compared to a non-woven bag, it is more durable and long-lasting. There are many ways to use them. They are good to bring to school, shopping, given as giveaways, gifts, and freebies.

Cotton bags can have many customisation options as well. Fabric print, iron transfer, tie-dye, and vinyl transfer are some of them. Since they are very customisable and perfect for any outfit or occasion, they are a widely known type of tote bag.

Bamboo Bags

Bamboo tote bags are one of the latest reusable bag trends. They are made of bamboo fibers which make them sustainable, soft, and can withstand heavy loads. Aside from using them as shopping bags, they can also look chic and fashionable.

Bamboo tote bags are also in demand in companies and organisations. Since they look elegant and are very durable, they are perfect giveaways and thank you gifts.

Calico Bags

Calico tote bags are made of unbleached cotton that makes them 100% natural. They are very light compared to cotton bags and also economical. There are also many customisation options for these bags. They are ready for artworks, print screens, and many more branding options. Calico tote bags are used by supermarkets for their durability and cutting down shopping bag costs.

Canvas Bags

Canvas bags are made of basic weaves and probably one of the most well known customisable tote bags. They can be made of soft cotton and polypropylene that can be dye for different colours. Since they are cotton-based products, they are not eco-friendly.
Customisation options such as transfers, iron-on, screen print, and acrylic painting are possible for these bags. They are also perfect for detailed prints and logos.

Help Change the World

So now that you know there is another way, what are you waiting for? Include paper bags and re-usable bags as part of your marketing. You will help your brand grow whilst doing your part for this great planet that we live on.

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