A great online presence campaign should be the core of your marketing strategy experts say.

Marketing Video Interviews

During a recent interview someone said “You can’t have a great marketing plan without a great online presence.” Corporate leaders have long known that influencing the decision-makers the key strategy to growing a business. But how does a great online presence help achieve that key strategy? “When you engage in online marketing that is congruent with your message, your marketing foundation is a lot more solid” says Marketing Expert Scott Bourquin He further told us that a great online presence shows that you understand how you market space works. “It is critical that you understand what problems your business solves for your customers.  It is amazing how many owners have no idea.” Bourquin adds.

Understanding how your customers think is critical to connecting with them.  In recent years mobile videos have become the go to choice for finding answers.  Because of this, video interviews and product demonstrations have become almost mandatory to survive in todays markets.  One study says that 85% of all Americans now have a smart phone.  You can’t ignore that market size.

Why Video Matters

Video can be a crucial part of any Direct Sales Or Online Marketing effort. While there are many reasons why, there is one standout fact.  Most of us make judgements based on appearances.  We are supposed to be living in a country where everyone is equal, but the truth is we don’t.  We make a first impression in 6 seconds or less.  If you nail this, you have a chance of getting people to pay attention.   Sometimes just watching your own videos with customers helps to gain perspective on how others see your business. Most online businesses are run by large groups of leaders who often act as the “gate keepers” of sales. A video interview allows your customers go peek inside your business before they make a buying decision.  This can be a huge advantage to your company’s ability to grow and succeed.

SEO is still critical

Video Marketing provides a unique opportunity to build content.  With the right tools, a well done video can be used as a podcast.  That podcast can be transcribed into a blog post or social media post.  When all three of those things are linked, it gives search engines a better picture of your business.  It also gives them a better picture of how their users view your business.  The triple content threat of videos is a huge bonus to your SEO program.

The Secondary Benefit

Search engines have their own agenda.  That why they promote sites that really aren’t what people are looking for.  There are aggregator sites that take over a key word or search term.  Because these sites spend a lot of money on advertising and making sure that people who click stop and read or watch, they rank higher.  One of my friends is an aggregator for the solar industry.  Chances are if you bought solar it went through his website and he “filtered and referred” you to a couple of solar companies.  He makes a cut of the deal every time.  Since just about every solar company pays for leads from him, he can out spend any one of them individually.  Essentially he is the new middle man without leaving his house.

When you understand that agenda, you can see how a solid online presence can lower your overall advertising and marketing costs online.  People that click your ads stay, you keep paying for them and the search engines grow.  Unlike the old yellow pages phone books, The big search engines know how many ads you saw, how many you clicked and which one you “hung out at”.  Basically they can figure out where you bought based on how long you sit on a website.  When a customer finds what they really want it is good for the search engines so the search engines make it good  for you to have a solid online presence.