Holiday Season and our Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Non-alcoholic cocktails and drinks are becoming increasingly popular at holiday parties, office parties, and for casual occasions throughout the year. A non-alcoholic cocktail is simply a blend of spirits, vermouth, gin, soda water, and optional hard liquor. Yes there are “non-alcoholic spirits” like Escape Tequila.  Escape co-founder Natalie tells us her favorite is the Cinnamon Whiskey.

Most bartenders will have a some non-alcoholic drinks to choose from. This allows guests to have a non-alcoholic cocktail while drinking their favorite brand of either soda water or juice. Sometimes non-alcoholic cocktails can even be made with healthier ingredients such as coconut milk. These healthy alternatives to alcohol can be enjoyed by those who wish to lower their alcohol intake without sacrificing the taste.  One of our favorites is the Grapefruit Ginger Fizz, but it isn’t always easy to make.  If you have a pressurized Growler you can make one batch that can last through a small party.

More than a Mocktail

Non-alcoholic mocktail beverages are very popular both for casual parties and for holiday parties. Many people enjoy the non-alcoholic mocktail beverages they can make at home as well.  There are now real options to alcoholic beverages.   Non-alcoholic beer is now standard at my home parties.  We are starting to keep it here in the office too.   The non-alcoholic Cinnamon Whiskey may be a fun alternative to alcoholic tequila shooters at a bar.

Mocktails for everyone this holiday season.

The non-alcoholic wines and non-alcoholic juices that can be enjoyed at home have a wide price range to choose from. A good way to compare the prices of the various brands of non-alcoholic beverages is to check out a sample pack of popular non-alcoholic beverages in supermarket or liquor store stores. Once you taste the variety of beverages that are available, you will be able to determine the best brand for your budget.

Where to Buy and Try?

When shopping for non-alcoholic beverages, you may want to check with your local grocery store or supermarket. Many locations sell non-alcoholic juices and sodas in addition to the regular soft drinks. You can also buy non-alcoholic wine at many grocery stores. The prices on the wines and juices may be a bit higher than that of the non-alcoholic wines but they are still very reasonable compared to the prices of most alcoholic beverages.

Many vineyards around the world offer non-alcoholic wines and bars are now offering non-alcoholic cocktails. One brand that has become well-known is Fever Tree. Fever Tree offers both light and dark versions of their popular ginger ale drink. Ginger ale is one of the classic beverages that many people enjoy. You can get a nice selection of ginger ale to choose from in bottles and cases from many vineyards all around the world.  Fever Tree also has a sparkling grapefruit juice that is very good.

The best way to find the best prices on these products is to shop around.  We found NA Beers for a COOLTOYS® TV episode that had wildly different prices when we looked around.  Whether you chose Non-Alcoholic Beer, Wine, Spirits or Cocktails, you will be safer this holiday season.