Fan2Stage helps WebCam little league fans cheer on the kids even when they are watching from home on a webcam!

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, USA, April 23, 2021 — Fan2Stage apps aren’t just for musicians and stage performers any more. Little League Dad Tom Hannigan says “Shakespeare said “All the World is a Stage”, and that includes my kids little league games.”. The Fan2Stage Cloud based virtual audience system let Mr. Hannigan cheer from hotels around the country as he traveled for work. With the Live On Stage app running on a PC at the game, Mr. Hannigan and other family members can be anywhere they want watching the games live on a webcam.

The webcam is positioned just over home plate and so the families can watch the game remotely. With the Live On Stage app running, and the audio connected to the games PA system, Fans can cheer on their favorite players no matter where they are.

Sometimes Fans Can’t Be There

Even after social distancing rules are eased, the VAS systems and apps will still allow out of town family to be part of the crowd. The fans in the stands can hear the virtual fans as well adding to their experience at the game. No engineers hitting “cheer” while everyone quietly watches. Live audience feedback and virtual audience feedback combine to create an even bigger experience for the kids and the fans at the same time. This is a real and virtual fan experience at the same time.

Using the Live Fan App by Fan2Stage, the family members can clap, cheer and even boo the umpires All of this can be done using an iOS or Android mobile device. The Fan2Stage Virtual Audience System or VAS uses Patent Pending technology that combines all of the fans inputs. Using that information, the system then generates a real live audience sound for the players.

The WebCam LittleLeague VAS systems work the same way that the Regular VAS servers do for musicians on stage. The PA system at the little league field can be used to play the audio so the players can hear it. When they hear the cheers, they know their family is watching and cheering them on. The family members can do this even if they can’t be in the stadium watching live.  

The Game Changing Idea

The original idea for the Fan2Stage VAS was developed for college sports. But things didn’t quite work out with the lockdowns. Very quickly though, founder Scott Bourquin realized he was having the same problem with the live versions of CoolToys TV. Without an audience the energy wasn’t the same. He developed Fan2Stage to solve his problem and the athletes problem. The UND event was cancelled, and the VAS development continued opening up virtual audiences to any type of event that is live and online.

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