The political fallout from the Covid “Pandemic” has already sent Boris in to full retreat is VAX mandate sending Trudeau into hiding?

Is Truduea Hiding From His Duty?

This week in Canada, the prime minister had a conveniently timed “case” of Covid-19. As the truckers of Canada descended on Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates, the Prime Minister tweeted that he was positive along with his family. More importantly he would be leaving the city to work remotely even though by his own admission he “felt fine”.

This happened just days after the World Health Organization or WHO decided that the travel restrictions weren’t helping. They went so far as to say the mental health and economic damage brought on by the restrictions were far worse than any benefit. Many are asking the important question, “Why are we still running around in masks looking like we just escaped from the hospital?”

The PM of the UK threw in the towel first. When will the world follow? When there is real news to report?

All of the numbers just don’t add up. Doctors speaking to us off record say that the number to watch is “all cause mortality”. They said there are cases of the flu every year that go undetected because we have never tested like this before. Colds too. The reality is that given world population growth, all cause mortality is right on track. Essentially we shut the economy down and gave the world a case of “maskne” because someone said so. Why?

Me thinks thou dost insist too much.

To paraphrase, ok steal and rephrase from the bard himself, you have to wonder why so much money is being spent to insist people get boosters and vaccines when the total death number hasn’t gone up. What is really behind the VAX mandates? The numbers don’t lie. This really doesn’t look like any of it was necessary. Was this a test in case the Tom Cruise movie is right and Chimera is on its way? Are the world governments issuing a “trust test”? Something is amiss.

There is clearly more going on with the VAX mandate. It could be control, free rides who knows. Admittedly, I don’t know what is going on. I do know my gut says what we should be asking is why. Since the answers are emotional and politically driven, maybe we should be voting out the people with the fake answers. We need to take away their power. Remember in the 1960’s when going to a rock concert was an act of rebellion. Ok I am not that old either but my parents claim that is how it was. So why now are people happy to show a vax card like a government badge to go to a concert? Hitler and Stalin would be proud.

The Studies and The “Mandates” Don’t Agree.

Every mask study I could find only referenced “symptomatic” cases. An asymptomatic person doesn’t spread enough to even be measured. So why are the governments telling us the danger is asymptomatic carriers? We all clearly aren’t Covid-Mary’s walking around the streets. If we were the death rate would increase and the homeless population would be devastated. That hasn’t happened so something is amiss.

Maybe it is time we act like our parents or grandparents and rebel a little. Should we look at the numbers with a skeptical eye. Maybe we should “question authority”. Remember that bumper sticker?

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