If you need to escape the Bay area, why not try the San Antonio Riverwalk?

Mark Twain said that the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco. If you need to escape and warm your bones, San Antonio Texas might just be the place to go.

Miles of Riverwalk

The San Antonio River predates man’s existence in the area. Years before the Alamo battle occurred just down the street, a Mexican sniper sat in a Cypress tree that still stands along the river route and took shots at American’s who came to the river for water.

Today the San Antonio Riverwalk (or River Walk depending on where you look) has been built into a world class destination with a mix of new and old buildings highlighting the route. Fully paved, and now an open container area, you can either get up early and go for a run along the river or sleep in, grab a cold beverage and stroll the river.

It’s Not Just About The Food.

If you want to escape the bay for some great food along the San Antonio Riverwalk, you can do that. There are dozens of world class restaurants along the river. If you venture up to the main streets there are places like the 100 year old Shilo’s Deli. A German-Texas foodie must stop. Yes San Antonio had a major influx of Germans in the 1800’s, so the city isn’t all about Mexican food and the Alamo.

The architecture along the river is both photogenic and functional. Many of the storm drain lines run through hallow columns of rock along the river. Many of the underpasses are decorated with mosaics and paintings depicting the city above or the river around you. Sadly just a block from the riverwalk you can see that much of San Antonio hasn’t fared as well as the famed river. It’s still very much worth the visit.

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