As California opens back up, small business returns to work.

Sadly many small businesses won’t recover. To help those that are on the edge, The Bourquin Group is offering a free marketing consultation. No matter what your budget or plan, they are offering three free thirty minute calls. “Even if you choose the competition or need to do it yourself, we are here to help.” says founding partner Scott Bourquin.

Small Business Returns an There is free coaching

Since 1995 The Bourquin Group has been helping small businesses build better business through marketing and business coaching. Scott is a best selling author and a serial entrepreneur. Since retiring as an Air Force Reserve Instructor Pilot at Travis Air Force Base here in Fairfield, Scott has focused on helping small business owners succeed.

Small Business Returns With A Covid Plan?

If you need a plan for Covid prevention in your business, there is an MD on call that can help you draft a plan for your business and insurance company. This service is highly discounted as well. For most businesses, there is a flat rate for the plan that includes a 30 minute consultation with the owner or insurance underwriter.

Coming back after Covid is a challenge for many reasons beyond marketing and planning. Many small businesses are reporting that staff are reluctant to return because unemployment is paying them more than they made at work. This is creating a short term employee shortage as small businesses returns to normal.

As the last of the small businesses return during “stage III”, there is still a lot of anxiety. Marketing, staffing and just paying the bills all loom over the business owners across the country. Here in the East Bay it can be worse. The growing season is well underway so farmers and wineries are affected too.

If you aren’t sure if you are spending money on the right mix of marketing to get your small business back, get some free help from a pro. Book your free consultation today.

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