How Can You Use Social Media To Market Your Business?

Bourquin Group

The Bourquin Group, based in Huntington Beach, California, is a family held digital agency. The company’s history goes back to 1970 when cameras were expensive and photography skills mattered. Today the company primarily works in the digital marketing industry.  In order to help clients meet the challenges of our new connected world, the company has changed.   The Bourquin Group provides digital marketing services to clients across the United States. These services include:

Video Marketing YouTube: This service enables you to post videos on YouTube, a free video site owned by Google. Using this service you can create a video marketing campaign for your products, service or information and then distribute it through YouTube to help build the presence of your business with social networking. Video Marketing Facebook: Creating videos on Facebook to advertise your product can be very beneficial to you and your business. When posted on Facebook, these videos will be visible to millions of users, creating an incredible opportunity to connect with your customers on this most popular social media platform.

Congruence Management: A digital agency such as the Bourquin Group offers talented professionals who provide your company with effective, cost-effective ways to achieve success in all areas of digital marketing.  One of the biggest challenges in the digital world is remaining congruent.  Does your message say the same thing on every platform.  It might feel like a little thing, but it is a major challenge in a world where everything is watched.  In addition, digital agencies work with your sales and marketing departments to increase customer conversions. The best thing about hiring a digital agency is that their reach is global and they can handle all aspects of your brand, helping you reach new audiences and make your brand more memorable.

Systems Management: The Bourquin Group offers website and email systems management as well. ” How can you be connected to followers if you can’t email them properly?” Asks Scott Bourquin.  “Every detail matters.” he adds.

Social Media Coaching and Management: While the Bourquin Group offers a complete social media management package, they tell me that it can get prohibitively expensive.  What they suggest is a coached program where they do some of the posting and follows, but the majority are organic from employees and owners of the business.

The Bourquin Group can be reached via their website at